April 7, 2009

My bookmarks today - Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Jonathan Shapiro of Coyotos, BitC Joins Microsoft - Midori
"Jonathan Shapiro, main developer of Coyotos and BitC, has announced on the project's mailing list that he has been hired by Microsoft, and that he won't be able to continue to work on Coyotos and BitC. He promises to deliver a final release of BitC, with all the intended features, but he warns that that may not be possible. At Microsoft, he's going to work on the Midori project."
11:54:00 PM
MS to finally update Zune hardware this year
11:53:16 PM
Microsoft's 92 Megapixel Camera
"ou may not have even known that Microsoft makes cameras, but this is how we get the really good quality from the Bird's Eye view on Live Maps. Stemming from an acquisition of Vexcel several years ago, the UltraCamLp is the latest in aerial photography. Whereas the previous UltraCamL was 64 megapixel, the UltraCamLp at 92 megapixels takes photos that are natively 11,704 x 7,920 pixels, making it the largest footprint medium format camera system for small aircraft."
11:51:39 PM
How to block ads in Google Chrome with AdSweep
11:47:39 PM
AdSweep - An ad blocker for your favorite web browser (like Adblock)
I have been looking for this from a long time! Trying out right away!
11:45:31 PM
10 Extraordinary Child Prodigies
"Akrit Jaswal is a young Indian who has been called "the world's smartest boy" and it's easy to see why. His IQ is 146 and is considered the smartest person his age in India—a country of more than a billion people."
11:45:02 PM
FriendFeed beta adds real-time updates
FriendFeed beta features real-time updates from your contacts. No need to hit the refresh button. There's also a new "My discussions" link that takes you to a page with every entry you've participated in, whether it's a conversation you started or a comment you've left on another person's entry. You can also create custom filters by using the advanced search tools and saving your searches. FriendFeed has also added the ability to send direct messages to other users..
11:40:27 PM
Quicker Flickr browsing with LiteFlick
11:39:49 PM
12 Bizarre and Unique Roofs
11:21:53 PM
AOL updates its Silverlight-infused Web mail beta
Silverlight based mail system! Awesome! I remember of watching this in preview mode last year MIX.
11:14:21 PM
Yahoo Messenger gets its own iPhone app
Yahoo Messenger for iPhone has many of the same core chatting features you'll find on Yahoo Messenger for the desktop: sending IM and SMS messages, support for emoticons, status updates, adding new contacts, and photo sharing (either an image from the camera roll or a new picture taken from within the application itself).
11:12:52 PM
Foxden runs multiple Web apps in one tab
11:11:26 PM
Google improves Gmail for iPhone, Android
Google has released a new Web-based version of Gmail that gives iPhone and Android phone users a more sophisticated version of the online e-mail service, including access to messages that's faster and that works even when offline.
11:11:02 PM
Twhirl's successor unveiled: Seesmic Desktop
Some of the new features include the capability to monitor multiple feeds side-by-side in a similar fashion to TweetDeck, create custom user lists, and post from multiple accounts while the application keeps track of which ones are which to keep duplicates at bay. You can also drag and drop photos from your computer to post straight to Twitter, making use of the fact that it's running off of Adobe's AIR platform.
11:08:57 PM
Google adding Java support to App Engine
"Google announced Tuesday it's adding support for Java to App Engine, its service for running software on Google's own computing infrastructure."
11:05:32 PM
BumpTop: Software toy or useful desktop replacement?
It's your desktop, but in 3D and messy.
11:04:57 PM
Advani’s website leaves Sonia,Manmohan,Congress sites far behind
10:52:49 PM
PhotoshopDisasters: L'Oreal: Penelope Cruz Necked
Why is neck soooo long ?
10:49:15 PM
SAP Adds 'Google-Like' Search to Business Software
"SAP extends its SAP BusinessObjects Edge solutions to small to midsize businesses, giving them access to SAP BusinessObjects Polestar software, which allows employees to search and retrieve data from across the company. Other Edge solutions are designed to create efficiencies in these companies’ budget and strategy processes. SAP has been introducing enterprise solutions at a steady clip throughout 2009."
2:53:01 PM
Microsoft Challenges Ubiquity Claims of Adobe Flash
"At issue is that MLB.com contracted to use Microsoft's Silverlight for its 2008 season but chose to go exclusive with Flash this season as the preferred means of streaming baseball games via its subscription service, MLB.TV."
2:52:11 PM
Microsoft Takes Aim At 'Myths' Spread By VMware
"VMware often points out that Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor lacks a Live Migration feature, but Greschler says that's not accurate. In Windows Server 2008 R2, "we have Live Migration built right in, it works the same way as VMotion works [and] it allows you to move a virtual machine from one host to the other without any perceptible downtime," Yuen says in the video."
2:51:15 PM
Functional battery made with virus/nanotube electrodes - Ars Technica
2:09:04 PM
Salesforce.com Introduces Mobile Lite for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
"Salesforce.com is rolling out Mobile Lite, a free offering that gives its customers access to the Salesforce CRM on their iPhone, BlackBerry or Microsoft Windows Mobile-equipped handsets. As cloud computing has expanded in use, opening its capabilities to mobile devices has become of paramount importance, particularly to the enterprise and its legions of always-on-the-road workers"
10:25:46 AM

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