September 29, 2006

AOL AIM (formerly Triton) 6.0 beta released

Publisher's Description:

AOL AIM is the next generation release of AOL Instant Messenger. Using the AIM Buddy List feature, see when your buddies are online and available to instant message. The sleek new design takes instant messaging to the next level. With screen name linking, Mobile IM, Quicknote mail, an integrated Address Book, and much, much more, instant messaging is more accessible, powerful and more fun than ever.

AOL AIM has the following other editions available: AOL AIM Pro.

Latest Changes:
  • Fixes several issues reported against the last Preview release, including the various formatting issues that affected the IM compose field and the My Buddy Info window
  • Several UI changes to this build, especially with Enhanced IM features such as Live Video, Instant Images, Talk and Voice Chat
  • Layout of the IM window has also been changed
  • Tabs have been replaced with buttons at the bottom of the IM window
  • Web cam selector which has been added to the Enhanced IM settings.