September 28, 2006

Saw movie American President

Yesterday I saw movie, American President. Very good movie to understand life of the President. Cast is also very good, as follows.

Michael Douglas
President Andrew Shepherd

Annette Bening
Sydney Ellen Wade

Martin Sheen
A.J. MacInerney

Michael J. Fox
Lewis Rothschild

Samantha Mathis
Janie Basdin

Shawna Waldron
Lucy Shepherd

David Paymer
Leon Kodak

Richard Dreyfuss
Senator Bob Rumson

Nina Siemaszko
Beth Wade

Wendie Malick
Susan Sloan

Joshua Malina

Plot summary is as follows,

As President, Andrew Shepherd (Douglas) is immensely popular (he has a 63% approval rating). As a man, he's a lonely father struggling to raise a daughter. His struggles multiply when his romance with lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade (Bening) becomes fodder for both the press and a rival senator (Richard Dreyfuss)---precipitating a rapid drop in the polls...