September 23, 2006

ZUNE !! Even more cheaper


Two days ago Wal-Mart had accidentally posted the price of the Zune as $284 but Microsoft is already giving it a pricecut. The new price, $229, was decided upon to make sure they undercut the iPod by $20 (the 30GB iPod is currently selling for $249). This is definitely a smart move and I’m sure it will help the Zune become successful.

Honestly, if I didn’t already have an iPod I would probably get the Zune. The wireless capability is really nice but my favorite feature is the built-in FM tuner. I would no longer have to record Internet radio just to throw a little mix into the music that I listen to.

The slightly larger screen is also nice along with the ability to rotate it. That way you’ll be able to view movies from the best possible perspective. I’m not sure quite how many movies I would watch because my iPod doesn’t have that ability, but I would probably put a few things on there.

The only bad part about the whole unit is that it lacks an easy-to-use click-wheel that has been made famous by the iPod. The Zune will not have such a feature despite the similar looks. Instead you’ll have to use the buttons to navigate through your library and to adjust your volume. However, I can’t really judge the button implementation because I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Heck, for all I know they may have done something really clever that is even better than the iPod!