September 29, 2006

Guy on Channel9 says Zune will not succeed this year..

According to him,

Microsoft Announced Zune's price. It's 249.99, if I recall, in US dollars. The same size iPod is 249.00.

What does the Zune have, that iPod doesn't? (Feel free to add)
* Wireless capability between other Zunes, but your friends have to have them for that to work, right?
* Slightly bigger screen

What does the iPod have that the Zune doesn't?
* HUGE name recognition
* Integration with tons of third-party products, including automobiles.
* 99 cents cheaper.

If Microsoft were to make the Zune, say, 40 bucks cheaper than the iPod, then I could see parents, whose kids say "they want an iPod", determining, "They're too expensive. This other thing, the Zune, does almost the same thing, and it's 40 dollars cheaper. "

But, why would parents pay minisculely more for a product that isn't being asked for by their kids, and they've never heard of (I'm still waiting for a Zune commercial)?

Or do I have it all wrong? Is Microsoft not trying to aim for the consumer market with the Zune? or if they are, why do they think they have a snowball's chance in Heck that people, besides us Microsoft geeks, would even think of buying it?

Seriously, I'm not trolling. I just think Microsoft has gotten it fatally wrong this time... Unless there's more info I don't know about, in which case, please tell me.

I dont agree with him after viewing video described at,

What you think?