September 28, 2006

News reader desktop client on .NET Framework 3.0 by NewYork Times

As usual, was reading one of my favorite MS star - Brad Adams' blog and found what I was wondering since last 1 year. Online News Reader Desktop Client

At last, New York Times has done it. And whats new, they have used .NET Framework 3.0 in it. This is how brad describes it,

The folks over at the NYTimes have released the beta of the NYTimes reader… a .NET Framework 3.0 based application that provides an amazingly rich experience for reading the newspaper… I have been on the internal pre-beta program for a while and I have found it great! A few weeks ago I actually read the newspaper end-to-end… I don’t think I have done that in 10+ years.

The other thing I love about the app is that is it is ClickOnce deployed, meaning I get new app features regularly as they are released… This was very exciting (and scary for demos) during the pre-beta phase… and I expect somewhat regular updates to continue… I get these new updates with zero additional install work.. it just gets updated in place…


I have downloaded it and started using it !!