September 19, 2006

Got BSNL non-working on the first day itself.. !!!

I was just wondering how bad the BSNL services are, because on the first day itself, when I came back from the office, its 2:00 at night right now, and I have some work for the presentation tomorrow. I start my machine and found the internet is not at all working !!!


When I left for office before some 8-9 hours, it was working perfectly. I called the customer care and some lady just wake up to pick my call up :-)) Registered the complaint about the internet connection problem. She told that somebody would contact me tomorrow morning.


Then I started shuffling the documents and playing with router configuration. While going through the BSNL help printout, I read somewhere that if you have changed your password at dataone site, you need to change it at PPPoE also so that it can authenticate properly. Just clicked !!! Just before moving for office, I changed my default password (given by BSNL).. and shutdown and went to the office. So, when I restarted, it was not able to communicate.


Started the computer, again configured the ADSL modem with correct user-name and password and WOOOHOOOOO!!! It started working. Was just thinking everytime its not BSNL thats wrong and bad, should check from our side too!!! Sorry BSNL !!