September 23, 2006

WPF's going to revolutionize the UI

Over the last week or so, I've had a couple of people point out some cool videos of WPF that have been posted up, so I thought I'd collate these for your interest and entertainment. If you want to be wowed by some of the cool things people are doing with WPF, check out a couple of the items on this list. 

  • WPF Mashup. A demo reel of some of the applications that are being built using Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • WPF in Action. From MIX06, Fluid (one of the leading design agencies) show off some of the prototypes and applications they've built using WPF.
  • Introduction to WPF (Parts II, III, IV). Fil Fortes shows how to build a fully-fledged WPF application in twenty minutes that uses 3D, data binding, rich typography and imaging with both XAML and C#.
  • Ink CapabilitiesNigel Parker provides an incredibly compelling demonstration of the power that's available when you combine WPF and Tablet PC inking features.
  • Big Screen Business. If you thought Windows Media Center was only useful for playing TV, check out this great finance kiosk built by There's also a high-res version of the video here. While you're at it, also check out their Media Center add-in that displays Flickr photos.

Are you doing something cool with WPF? Why not upload your video to YouTube, the MSN Soapbox (if you've got an invitation) or even upload a sample to the Channel 9 sandbox - we'll make a star out of you!