September 25, 2006

Movies Database 1.19

The application retrieves multiple movie images and movie information from the Internet automatically. Search by Movie Title or enter UPC codes manually or scan with a Barcode Scanner. Upc codes can be entered in bulk or singularly. You can get info on actors, characters, plot, plot summary, Ratings, quotes, awards, writer, director, runtime, genre, and year of release. Scrollable image portal is featured for easy viewing of all images. Multiple Modular Window Image System to view simultaneously your entire main Movie images. Modular Scrollable Windows can display 3 or 6 Images simultaneously and be resized. Keep track of all Borrowed, Rented and Loaned Out movies. A History Log is created for all Borrowed, Rented and Loaned Out Movies. The app allows you to print labels for entire collection of movies. You will never forget where your movies are due to reminder events for all movies that have to be returned.

In version 1.19, Writers retrieved with a complete list when hovering over Writer.Writers filmography is accessed within Movie Databases WebViewer.When changing the unique M number, safeguards implemented to insure the new number is not greater than the highest existing number.

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