September 28, 2006

Attended Tech Symposium held at Bangalore

Yesterday attended tech symposium held at Bangalore. Srini, VP and MD from Microsoft IDC (India Development Centre), Hyderabad came to give introduction to the organization.

I dint know many facts like, the products that were developed fully by Hyderabad IDC centre (many products like, DPM, Pocket PC Softwares and Tools, Visual Studio Team Systems etc.) and the current headcount of the IDC.

For more information about IDC look at,

The current headcount of the IDC is, around 1200 people. Was also amazed to hear that IDC has developed a home computer (called project Microsoft Veda) which they are going to launch in some time. Cost would be around 20,000.

Apart from the introduction to the organization, there were tech lectures by Mr. Vinay, Dev. Manager for DPM product as well as Abhishek Mathur, Program Manager for VSTS (Visual Studio Team System). Both gave very good information about their products and answered the audience questions.

DPM v2 Beta is to be released today.. Read more about it in my another post at,