September 25, 2006

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta released

Microsoft has released today SP1 for VS2005 which was released in November, 2005. This service pack incorporates fixes that Microsoft has addressed since that release.

You have the opportunity to use the service pack and notify MS of any bugs you may discover. You can apply for the Beta by filing out the nomination survey or by signing up on the "Available Connections" page of the Microsoft Connect web site.

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 will focus on addressing product issues reported since the release of Visual Studio 2005. These are types of fixes you can expect to find in this service pack:

  • The Hotfixes and General Distribution Release Updates released between Visual Studio 2005 Release to Market and the end of the Service Pack customer beta period.
  • Any fixes addressing security issues categorized by the Microsoft Security Response Center as "Critical", "Important" or "Moderate".
  • Fixes for product reliability and stability issues, including those reported by customers via the Product Feedback Center, and the crashes most frequently reported via Watson.
  • Fixes for common "eligible" functional issues reported by customers via the Product Feedback Center. "Eligible" functional issues are those that do not require breaking changes, architectural changes, or Design Change Request level feature work and that do not create unacceptable product quality risk and/or cost of implementation.
  • Fixes for the top customer and supportability issues as reported by Customer Support Services.