September 23, 2006

Want to search web in Nokia phone? You would use Windows Live Search..

Microsoft and Nokia reached an agreement that will place Live Search into Nokia's Mobile Search platform, which will make Live Search available to users of Nokia's high-end N Series multimedia phone and S60-compatible devices.

Microsoft will provide advanced search results for web search, as well as access to information such as stock quotes and movie times on Nokia devices. Some markets will be able to retrieve results from Encarta's Instant Answers, a MSN Messenger service.

The service will be available in fourteen languages. Nokia said its Mobile Search experience allows users to find search results more quickly than by using the browser and finding the web page of an internet search provider, since in many cases search will be accessible directly from the menu screen.

Mobile services have developed into a hotly competitive arena for the major Internet players. Microsoft's deal with Nokia pairs it with the world's leading handset maker.

That is a significant win for Microsoft, beyond the placement of Live Search on Nokia phones. It increases the brand awareness for Live Search. As Microsoft develops mobile search-driven advertising and related services, being a default option on thousands of Nokia handhelds give the company a step up on Google and Yahoo.

On the other end, Google made a deal with Norway's Opera Software to be the default search for that company's mobile browsers. Opera offers two browsers, the free Mini and the for-pay Mobile for Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PC devices.

As noted above, Microsoft's Live Search would be an option users can reach without launching a browser. The success of the placement will depend on user habits and behavior. If they are willing to try the Search option without hitting the browser every time they want to find information, it gives Microsoft an edge over Google and others on the Nokia platform.