September 23, 2006

Want to know about windows client? - is the answer

Today, got some time and was surfing the web. Came across a good website for windows client. Actually this site is, related to the windows client GUI developers directly from redmond. Having a peek at it regularly might prove a good deal.

  • These are things i've learned from reading the forums and responses to threads there, though the blogs entries are very good...

    In Vista you can create a taskbar.ini to instruct Windows to always display certain taskbar items in a certain sort order. A Microsoft intern has written a powertoy to facilitate this, and it will be available close to Vista's release. "Drag and Drop was too expensive to implement with our current architecture but, when it comes down to it, the problem is not that you want to drag your taskbar buttons around.  The problem is that you want your taskbar buttons to always be displayed in a certain order."


  • They plan on adding drag and drop functionality to the taskbar in the next Windows release. "DnD as expressed by Bret (who is our taskbar Dev) was too expensive for this release, we'll have it the next time round."



  • They plan on looking for a way to include AND / OR searches in Windows in the future in a way not to be confusing to average users. "And rest assurred that we'll continue to investigate ways to bring back the visual ANDs and ORs from Beta 1 in future releases."