September 28, 2006

Where is Google Earth today?


See, a topless sunbather in the Hague, a 'floating car' in Perth and an Iraqi missile.. These pictures are actually screenshots from Google Earth..

When most people use virtual globe Google Earth, they look up such sights as Sydney Opera House, Big Ben or even their own homes.

But two of the computer program’s users got an extra surprise when they explored the Dutch city of the Hague - and spotted topless sunbathers.

A Dutch blogger looking for his favourite pub accidentally zeroed in on a man wearing just shorts, lying on the roof of a house by a canal.

A woman lying face down on a separate rooftop terrace was spied by an unknown browser who mentioned it on an online forum.

The sunbathers found their way on to Google Earth because they were catching a tan when the satellite used for mapping the planet was passing overhead.

A Google Earth spokeswoman said: "Things like this do happen and people will find them for a bit of fun."

Other bizarre sightings include "hovering cars" in Perth and missiles in the deserts of Iraq.

With higher quality satellite imagery being added, it is now possible to see people going about their daily lives.

But these two cases are the first reported instances of this type of partial nudity.


Amazing, isn't it?